Grants and Contracts

Over the last 16 years, from 2005 to 2021, the Leadership & Governance program has been awarded $5.78 million in grants from a variety of private sponsors, as well as from state and federal agencies. These grants have supported important policy-relevant interdisciplinary research and initiatives on topics as wide-ranging as rural leadership, democracy and public service, to substance use disorder and rural health disparities.

Contracts are also frequently awarded to the Center's faculty and fellows to complete targeted research on areas of specific interest to sponsors. Some, but not all, of the contracts are included below.

If you have any questions about any of these projects, or if you are interested in partnering with the Center's highly motivated team of experts, please contact the Center at

Leadership & Governance

Vols Vote

Sponsor: Campus Election Engagement Project (CEEP)

PI: Katie Cahill

Award Period: 9/25/20 to 11/15/20

Tennessee Pulse Survey, Tennessee Economic Recovery Group

Sponsor: State of Tennessee

PIs: Matthew Murray, Katie Cahill, and Linda Daugherty

Award Period: 5/01/20 to 12/30/20

Appalachian Leadership Institute

Sponsor: US - ARC - Appalachian Regional Commission

PIs: Timothy Ezzell and Katie Cahill

Award Period: 10/16/18 - open

Healthy Appalachia Study

Sponsor: Remote Area Medical (RAM) with the Trinity Health Foundation

PI: Katie Cahill

Award Period: 1/1/19 to 7/31/21

Develop an Asset Mapping of County and Community Resources Available to Address Opioid Abuse for Volunteer Tennessee

Sponsor: Volunteer Tennessee

PI: Katie Cahill

Award Period: 12/20/17 to 3/31/18

Knox County Election Commission: College Student Poll Worker Program

Sponsor: US - EAC - Election Assistance Commission

PI: Nissa Dahlin-Brown

Award Period: 6/16/10 to 6/16/13

Congressionally-Directed Grant for the Howard H. Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy

Sponsor: ED - US Dept. of Education

PI: Nissa Dahlin-Brown

Award Period: 11/5/08 to 9/30/12

Civic Education - Community Enhancement Grant

Sponsor: State of Tennessee

PI: Nissa Dahlin-Brown

Award Period: 10/1/07 to 12/31/08

Convenience Voting: A Model Program to Change the Way We Vote

Sponsor: The Pew Charitable Trusts

PI: Alan Lowe

Award Period: 10/1/07 to 3/31/08

A Study Of Local Government Structure, Practice And Performance In The United States

Sponsor: Seven Island Foundation

PI: Michael Fitzgerald

Award Period: 5/1/07 to 8/1/07

NEH Grant REF: PA-51625-06

Sponsor: US - NEH - National Endowment for the Humanities

PI: Alan Lowe

Award Period: 1/1/06 to 12/31/06

Institute on Teaching of Congress & the Presidency

Sponsor: Cornerstone Foundation

PI: Alan Lowe

Award Period: 3/15/05 to 6/10/05