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Baker Center Publications

White Papers

Indian Muslims in the Crosshairs: The BJP and Its Anti-Beef Crusade, Harrison Akins, September 2018

Using Agent-Based Computational Economics to Understand the Evolution of the Electric Grid in Response to Increased Penetration of Distributed Solar Generation, Charles Sims, Islam El-adaway, Mohamed S. Eid, Yinan Liu, February 2018

Reconciling Methods for Measuring U.S. Oil Dependence Costs, Charles Sims, February 2018

The Impact of Increased Fuel Economy for Light-Duty Vehicles on the Distribution of Income in the U.S.: A Retrospective and Prospective Analysis, David L. Greene, Jilleah G. Welch, March 2017

Estimating the Benefits of Fuel Economy Information: An Analysis, Update and Recommendations for Enhancing ORNL’s Methodology, David L. Greene, Jilleah G. Welch, March 2017

Why Is Energy Efficiency Such a Hard Sell?, October 31, 2016, Bongkyun Kim and Charles Sims

Economic Potential of South Knoxville’s Urban Wilderness, 19 June 2015, Charles Sims, Rebecca J. Davis, Bongkyun Kim

U.S. Oil Dependence 2014: Is Energy Independence in Sight?, 11 June 2015, David L. Greene, Changzheng Liu

Alternative Transportation Refueling Infrastructure in the U.S. 2014: Status and Challenges, 2 April 2015, David L. Greene

Transitioning to Electric Vehicles: Public Policy Implications of Uncertainty, Network Externalities, Tipping Points and Imperfect Markets, 23 January 2014, David L. Greene, Sangsoo Park, Changzheng Liu

Technical Review of Clean Cities’ Electric Vehicle Community Readiness Projects, 6 November 2013, Brian C. Langford, Christopher R. Cherry

Analyzing the Transition to Electric Drive in California, 12 June 2013, David L. Greene, Sangsoo Park, Changzheng Liu

The Water Energy Nexus in East Tennessee, 1 May 2013, Carol Harden

Base-load Electricity from Natural Gas and Nuclear Power: The Role of Federal and State Policy, 5 March 2013, Mary R. English

OPEC and the Costs to the U.S. Economy of Oil Dependence: 1970-2010, 14 February 2013, David L. Greene, Roderick S. Lee, Janet L. Hopson


Policy Briefs

When Fish Grow Like Weeds: Options and Strategies for Managing Impacts of Invasive Asian Carp in Tennessee, Benjamin Meadows and Charles Sims, October 2018

The Future of Electric Utilities, J. Scott Holladay, October 2018

Ratcheting up climate efforts: Global Energy Investment needs to Reach the Deep Decarbonization Targets of the Paris Agreement, David L. McCollum1,2*, Wenji Zhou1, Christoph Bertram3, Harmen-Sytze de Boer4, Valentina Bosetti5,6, Sebastian Busch1, Jacques Després7, Laurent Drouet5, Johannes Emmerling5, Marianne Fay8, Oliver Fricko1, Shinichiro Fujimori1,9, Matthew Gidden1, Mathijs Harmsen4,10, Daniel Huppmann1, Gokul Iyer11, Volker Krey1, Elmar Kriegler3, Claire Nicolas8, Shonali Pachauri1, Simon Parkinson1,12, Miguel Poblete-Cazenave1, Peter Rafaj1, Narasimha Rao1, Julie Rozenberg8, Andreas Schmitz7, Wolfgang Schoepp1, Detlef van Vuuren4,10, Keywan Riahi1,13, September 2018

Energy investment needs for fulfilling the Paris Agreement and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, David L. McCollum, Wenji Zhou, Christoph Bertram, Valentina Bosetti, Sebastian Busch, Jacques Després, Laurent Drouet, Johannes Emmerling, Marianne Fay, Oliver Fricko, Shinichiro Fujimori, Matthew Gidden, Mathijs Harmsen, Daniel Huppmann, Gokul Iyer, Volker Krey, Elmar Kriegler, Claire Nicolas, Shonali Pachauri, Simon Parkinson, Miguel Poblete-Cazenave, Peter Rafaj, Narasimha Rao, Julie Rozenberg, Andreas Schmitz, Wolfgang Schoepp, Detlef van Vuuren, and Keywan Riahi, June 2018

The Value Added by Professional Certification of Municipal Finance Officers, David H. Folz, Chris Shults, 19 June 2018

Between Allies and Enemies: Explaining the Volatility of the U.S. – Pakistan Relationship, 1947-2018, Harrison Akins, March 2018

Criminal Justice: Drug Free School Zones, Chrissy Freeland, under UT MPPA Faculty Guidance, April 2018

The Opioid Crisis in Tennessee, Andrew Cox and Logan Farr, under UT MPPA Faculty Guidance, April 2018

Medical Marijuana in Tennessee, Chrissy Freeland, James White and Jordan Crowe, under UT MPPA Faculty Guidance, April 2018

In-State Tuition for Undocumented Students in Tennessee, Andrew Cox, under UT MPPA Faculty Guidance, April 2018

Short Term Rentals, Chrissy Freeland and Travis Crafton, under UT MPPA Faculty Guidance, April 2018

The Strategic Importance of Kenya in the Fight Against Terrorism in the Horn of Africa — Evaluating Counterrorism Measures in Kenya, Conny Sidi Kazungu, March 2018

FATA and the Frontier Crimes Regulation in Pakistan: The Enduring Legacy of British Colonialism, Harrison Akins, November 2017

China in Balochistan: CPEC and the Shifting Security Landscape of Pakistan, Harrison Akins, September 2017

The Yemen Imbroglio: Understanding the Many Layers of the Yemeni Civil War, Harrison Akins, April 2017

“Lawnmowers in the Sky”: The Turbulent Past and Uncertain Future of Drone Warfare, Harrison Akins, March 2017

How Much Should Hybrids and Electric Vehicles Contribute to Roadway Funding?, Rebecca J. Davis, Matthew N. Murray, Jilleah G. Welch, January 3, 2017

Tax Policies and Alternative Revenue Sources: State Responses to Declining Purchasing Power of Roadway Funding, Mark L. Burton, Matthew N. Murray, Emily K. Pratt, Jilleah G. Welch, November 30, 2016

Measuring Flood Risk: What Are NYC Residents Willing to Pay for a Flood Protection System?, J. Scott Holladay, Howard Kunreuther, Valerie Stahl, October 2016

How Better Accounting Can More Cheaply Reduce Carbon Emissions,  April 2016, Jacob LaRiviere, Gavin McCormick, & Sho Kawano

Energy Intensity and Electricity Consumption in Tennessee, 28 March 2016, J. Scott Holladay, Rebecca J. Davis

The Paris Climate Talks: What Did the President Promise and When Did He Promise It?, 4 January 2016, Charles Sims

The Future of Roadway Funding in Tennessee, 24 November 2015, Mark L. Burton, David L. Greene, Matthew N. Murray

Nuclear Power, Fossil Fuels and Climate Change: The Long View, 1 September 2015, John Nolt

Tennessee Advanced Energy Economic Impact Report, June 2015, Matthew N. Murray and Rebecca J. Davis.

21st Century Electric Utilities: Integrated Resource Planning and Beyond, 23 June 2015, Mary R. English

Cheap Nizagara 100mg: Side Effects, Pros and Cons, 26 February 2015, Dr. M. Smith

Cheaper Gasoline: Causes, Impacts and Expectations, 12 February 2015, David L. Greene

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan, 12 December 2014, Justin Knowles, Mark Christian, Emily Clark, Mary Alice Cusentino, Kristian Myhre, Guinevere Shaw

The Clean Power Plan: Regulating Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Existing Power Plant, August 2014, Mary R. English

What Are the Benefits of Federal Carbon Reduction Policies and How Well Do We Know Them?, 25 August 2014, Charles Sims

U.S. Leadership in a Post 9/11 World: Comparing World Views and Foreign Policy Decisions of George W. Bush and Barack Obama, 23 January 2014, Brandon C. Prins, Allan Wilford

The New Barbary Wars: Assessing the Threat of Modern Day Piracy, 6 November 2013, Brandon C. Prins, Ursula Daxecker, Amanda Sanford

Should the Federal Government Sell TVA?, 8 May 2013, Mary R. English

Addressing Issues Concerning Energy and the Environment: A Short Course on Energy Policy Analysis, 14 December 2012, David J. Bjornstad, Alexandra Brewer



The Impact of Increased Fuel Economy for Light-Duty Vehicles on the Distribution of Income in the United States. September 2016, David Greene and Jilleah Welch, for Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Energy Foundation.  

Economic Impact of Open Space on Residential Property Values_kfe September 2016, Charles Sims, Bongkyun Kim and Matthew Murray

Policies for Promoting Low-Emission Vehicles and Fuels, 13, May 2016, David L. Greene and Shuguang Ji

Economic Impact of the Proposed Crab Orchard Wind Farm on Cumberland County and Tennessee, 18, April 2016, Matthew N. Murray and Jilleah G. Welch

An Energy Scorecard for the American States, 19, February 2016, Charles Sims, Bongkyun Kim and Jean Peretz

Economic Impact of the US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge Office of Environmental Management for Fiscal Year 2014, 12, February 2016, Matthew N. Murray and Rebecca J. Davis

Expected Economic Impact of Constructing and Operating a New Onsite Disposal Facility in Oak Ridge, 12, February 2016, Matthew N. Murray and Rebecca J. Davis

Impacts of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and Investment Tax Credit on the North American Fuel Cell Backup Power and Material Handling Equipment Industries, 4 January 2016, David L. Greene, Girish Upreti

Coal Mining and Tourism: Engines of Economic Development for Campbell County and Claiborne County, Tennessee, 9 January, 2015, Matthew N. Murray, Charles Sims, Rebecca J. Davis, and Bongkyun Kim.

How Do Motorists’ Own Fuel Economy Estimates Compare with Official Government Ratings? A Statistical Analysis, 1 October 2015, David L. Greene, Asad Khattak, Jun Liu, Janet L. Hopson, Xin Wang, Rick Goeltz

Weatherization Works – Summary of Findings from the Retrospective Evaluation of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Weatherization Assistance Program, 18 September 2015, Bruce Tonn, David Carroll, Scott Pigg, Michael Blasnik, Greg Dalhoff, Jacqueline Berger, Erin Rose, Beth Hawkins, Joel Eisenberg, Ferit Ucar, Ingo Bensch, Claire Cowan

What Is Happening in the World? Reviews of Community-Based Best Practices, 18 August 2015, Bruce E. Tonn, Tim Ezzell, Catherine A. Wilt, Kayla Stover, Guinevere Shaw

A Profile of the Energy Sector in Tennessee, 27 January 2015, Matthew N. Murray, Charles Sims, Bruce Tonn, Jean Peretz, Jeff Wallace, Ryan Hansen, Lew Alvarado

Tennessee FY 2013 Economic Impact, 13 January 2015, Jim Campbell, Matt Murray

Economic Impacts on Tennessee Arising from Construction of the Uranium Processing Facility, 12 January 2015, Matthew N. Murray, Rebecca J. Davis

Energy Data Collection and Performance Calculation Project, 31 July 2014, Jean H. Peretz, Catherine Wilt, Rebecca J. Davis, Matthew N. Murray

Final Report 2010-2012: United States and European Union Summit on Science, Technology, Innovation, and Sustainable Economic Growth, 3 December 2012

A Report on the Deliberations of “Visions of Sustainable Economic Growth: A Transatlantic Dialogue on Energy, Water, and Innovation, 11 September 2012

Assessment of Incentives and Employment Impacts of Solar Industry Deployment, 1 May 2012, David P. Vogt, Susan M. Schexnayder, Tom N. Yoder, Edward J. Lapsa, Alexandra T. Brewer

A Report on the Deliberations of Energy, Water, and Innovation: A Critical Nexus for Sustainable Economic Growth, 30 September 2011

Convenience Voting in Three Tennessee Counties Final Project Report, 3 November 2009, Amy Gibson, Michael Fitzgerald, David Folz, Janet Kelly, John Scheb, Terry Gilhula, Tim Kuhn, Alex Zendel, Bryan Berry

Civility in Government, 3 January 2008

Cleaning America’s Air: Progress and Challenges, 3 November 2006, David C. Brill, Howard H. Baker Jr.


On Point!

Should We Be Proactive or Reactive When It Comes to Aging Infrastructure, February 2018, Yinan Liu

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss: Examining the Prospects for Democracy in Post-Mugabe Zimbabwe, December 2017, Eric Keels

Recent Developments in the Kurdish Independence Movement in Iraq, October 2017, Gary Uzonyi

Violence in Myanmar Against the Rohingya, September 2017, Gary Uzonyi

A Trillion Gallons of Gasoline, August 2017, David L. Greene

Does “Natural” Food Really Mean Anything?, June 2017, Yinan Liu

Coordinating the Fight Against Invasive Species, March 2017, Charles Sims

Rollback Fuel Economy Standards? For Whose Benefit, March 2017, David L. Greene

Cheap Talk or Serious Resolve? Chinese and US Policies on the East and South China Sea, February 2017, Krista E. Wiegand

The Environmental Benefits of Low Natural Gas Prices (And Why That’s Bad for Energy Conservation Policies), December 2016, Rebecca J. David

Climate Outcomes of Oil Price Uncertainty Could Be Significant, October, 2016, David McCollum

Fishing, Shipping Lanes, Oil & Gas: Is Peaceful Resolution of the South China Sea Dispute Possible?, 10 August 2015, Krista E. Wiegand

How Did Tennessee Fare in the Final Clean Power Plan?, 10 August 2015, Charles Sims

The Clean Power Plan: Snapshot of the Final Rule, 10 August 2015, Mary R. English


Student Voice

A Guide to Understanding the CPP, February 2018, Sarah Eichler Inwood, Michelle Halsted, Victoria DiStefano, Missy Showers, Emily Clark, Guinevere Shaw, Mark Christian, Ishita Ray, Emilio Ramirez, Nannan Jiang, Mary Alice Cusentino, Remy DeVoe, and Justin Knowles

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan, 2014, Justin Knowles, Mark Christian, Emily Clark, Mary Alice Cusentino, Kristian Myhre, Guinevere Shaw


Baker Scholars on TRACE All Scholars’ papers available here:

Howard H. Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy

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