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William Park

William ParkBillPark

Director of Undergraduate Programs Lindsay Young Baker Fellow
PhD, Agricultural Economics, Virginia Tech

Bill Park is a Professor in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics and a Lindsay Young Baker Fellow. In his part-time role with the Baker Center, Dr. Park coordinates the academic affairs of the Baker Scholars Program and Baker Center Living Learning Community. In particular, he will focus on assisting Baker Scholars in development of their research project and identification of a faculty mentor as well as pursuant of opportunities to enrich their experience through activities such as workshops, internships and study abroad.

Research Interests

Natural resource conservation and environmental policy issues relating to agriculture and rural communities; with emphasis on the potential for application of market-based policy approaches.

Selected Publications

Explaining Rural Household Participation in Recycling
Jakus, P. M., K. H. Tiller and W. M. Park
Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics, 29(1):141-148, July 1997

Household Willingness to Pay for Drop-Off Recycling
Tiller, K. H., P. M. Jakus and W. M. Park
Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 22(2):310-320, 1997 (December).

The Growing Role of Land Trusts in Protection of Agricultural and Open Space Land at the Rural-Urban Interface Park, W. M. in Southern Perspectives Newsletter, 5:1, Southern Rural Development Center, Mississippi State University, 2001 (Summer)
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Contact Information

Bill Park
321A Morgan Hall
2621 Morgan Circle Drive
Knoxville, TN 37996
Fax: 865-974-7484