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Eric Keels

Eric Keels Dr. Eric Keels

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Global Security

Ph.D. in Political Science, University of North Texas

Eric Keels earned his Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of North Texas in 2016. He began working at the Howard H. Baker Center in August of 2016. His research explores issues related to democracy, civil war, natural resources, conflict management, and political violence. Specifically, his research focuses on how democratic processes shape the dynamics of civil war. His doctoral work explored how governments that emerge from civil war can implement democratic processes without triggering a renewal of violence. Building on these findings, Eric now explores how democratic processes may create opportunities for resolving protracted conflicts. He is currently working on projects related to the political wings of rebel groups and a dataset on the grievances and goals of insurgents.

Selected Publications

Keels, Eric. 2017. “Praying for Rain? Water Scarcity and the Duration and Outcomes of Civil War.” Defense and Peace Economics.

Keels, Eric. 2017. “Electoral Reform and Peace Duration Following Negotiated Settlements.” International Interactions

Keels, Eric. 2016. “Oil, Post-Conflict Elections, and Post-War Peace Failure.” Journal of Conflict Resolution

Contact Information

Eric Keels, Ph.D.

1640 Cumberland Ave

The University of Tennessee

Knoxville, Tennessee 37996-3340

Phone: 865-974-3809

Fax: 865-974-8777