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Ukraine’s Future Ascension into the European Union

This paper will seek to address how the Ukrainian populace feels regarding Ukraine’s further integration into Europe, the West, and eventually the European Union. The EU has a very rigorous and clearly defined set of criteria for a nation to advance in ascension talks; requiring a host of news laws that the more conservative Russian sections of the country may find intolerable. As Ukraine attempts to find its footing as it treads into European society, I conducted research in the capital city of Kiev to gain a greater understanding concerning the sentiments on the future of the nation. The research presented was conducted by questionnaires presented to any denizen willing to participate. The questionnaires were presented only in Russian, but should not confound the results as the ethnic Ukrainians populace is considered fluent in the language. Additionally, ethnic Russians were present in smaller numbers in the Kiev than in their total composite of the country and due to the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine, their results may be skewed or underrepresented in the data.

Clark, Travis Senior Thesis

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