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Baker Scholars

About Baker Scholars

Since its inception in 2004, the Baker Scholar program has consistently attracted the University of Tennessee’s most academically gifted, politically curious students by offering a unique and meaningful opportunity to engage in public policy and research. Baker Scholars are not only given exclusive access to guest lecturers ranging from international ambassadors to Supreme Court justices, they often drive Baker Center programming and assist with conferences featuring top-ranked experts in the fields of political science, energy and environment, global security, historical/archival studies, and the media.

The central undertaking of each Baker Scholar is research. Each scholar may choose to address a public policy issue of their choice, propose a research topic of personal interest, and/or utilize the Modern Political Archives through a year-long research project.  Here you can view the listing of  Baker Scholar Projects 2011-12.  Scholars are paired with faculty or professional mentors who serve as resources and help direct the research. Those completing their project graduate with a Baker Scholar medallion.  You can see a copy of the program here.  Baker Scholars Medallion Presentation 2012 final5.8

The 2013 Bakers Scholars delved into matters concerning foreign and domestic policy, clean energy, education, health, and more to present projects featuring research and academic engagement. These 2013 graduates have since begun to pursue careers and education in their respective fields; while some are currently using their background in applied research and involvement to make strides in the professional arena, others are using the Baker Scholar program as a base for pursuing graduate course work to further their education.

The Baker Scholars class of 2014 was selected in the Fall 2013, and members have already made progress in their research for their respective projects. In addition to research, scholars are strongly encouraged to participate in Baker Center events. Guest lectures and conferences offered at the center give scholars the chance to expand their networks of professional contacts and hear first-hand accounts from political insiders. A limited listing of Scholars follows below

Applications are accepted in August of each year.  Students can be a Junior or Senior and should have a minimum GPA of 3.35 and at least one academic year at UT remaining in order to complete a research project.

Information Session for the  Baker Scholar program will be held in early Fall semester each year.

Admitted 2011 Scholars: Major Graduation Date
Elliot Bertasi College Scholar Fall 2012
Maddie Brown Journalism Spring 2012
Matthew Dillion College Scholar Fall 2013
Eric Dixon Sociology, Philosophy, Ecology, Psychology Spring 2013
Danielle Jones Political Science Spring 2012
Tyler King Spring 2012
Abigail McKamey College Scholar Spring 2014
William McLean Political Science Spring 2012
Leah Oldham American Studies Spring 2012
Ryan Roberts College Scholar Spring 2012
Jordan Smith Philosophy, Political Science Spring 2012
Rachel McKane Global Studies Spring 2012
Andrew Brassler English Fall 2011
Chad Covert Env. Econ Pub Admi Fall 2011
Ashton Davis Political Science, Journalism Fall 2011
Jordan Davis Political Science, Psychology Spring 2012
Diego Del-Castillo Business Spring 2012
Danielle Jones Political Science Spring 2012
Blair Kuyxendall College Scholar Spring 2012
Christopher Lofaro Logistics Spring 2012
Richard Lusk Business Return Spring ’12
Carrie Macon Fall 2011
Spenser Powell Political Science Spring 2012
Hadil Senno Spanish, Inter. Business Spring 2012
Kyle Turner Spring 2012
Jayanni Webster College Scholars Spring 2012
Elizabeth Williams College Scholars Spring 2012
2012 Scholars:
Lisa Dicker Political Science Spring 2014
Matt Dillon College Scholars Spring 2013
Mackenzie Higgins Global Studies & Spanish Spring 2013
Danielle Jones Political Science Spring 2012
Kristin Kennedy History, Political Science Spring 2014
Taylor Odle College Scholars Spring 2014
Leah Oldham American Studies Spring 2012
Kelsey Parkman Political Science Spring 2014
Chase Pritchett Economics Spring 2014
2013 Scholars
Julianna Burchett Environmental Studies Spring 2015
David Clark Political Science Spring 2015
Zack Hethmon Economics & Mathematics Spring 2014
Justin Hickerson Political Science Spring 2014
Ashley Jakubek Global Studies, Political Science, & French Spring 2015
Valerie King Sociology & Global Studies Spring 2015
Richard Prince College Scholars & Physics Spring 2015
Alexis Skaggs Political Science Spring 2015
Julia Ross Economics Spring 2015