Student Engagement – Follow the Challenge!

Get UPDATES on the Howard Baker Public Policy Challenge here!   

Plan to attend the Policy Challenge FINALS on Sunday, Feb. 22, 1:30 pm in the Toyota Auditorium.  The five finalists will each present their policy brief to the judges for cash prizes to further their policy solutions.

Connect Forward (Linking TN Families First clients to jobs) – Joey Carr, Ian Barry, Cheryl Flowers – Graduate students – Social Work

Gardens on the Go: Food Deserts – Rachel Owens, Grad. Social Work, Ashlee Hall, Grad. Student, Social Work; Virgina Williams, Freshman, Nursing; Sophie Wilk – Freshman, Nursing

Pay Now/Pay Later (Mental health screening for youth in juvenile justice system) – Joy DuVoisin, Hannah Jones, Anna Lahrs, and Laurel Strozier, Grad. Students, Social Work

Education Equality Now!  Extending TN Promise to Non Citizen Students – Gus White, Freshman, Global Studies; Kim Bress, Freshman, Neuroscience; Olivia Poston, Freshman, Architecture; Juan Gutierrez – Law student; Brenda Adimora- Law Student

Project (bag)gage – Shelbie Francescon, Freshman, Nuclear Engineering; Rachel Gunia, Freshman, Sports Management; Don Black, Freshman, Aerospace Engineering; Troy Williamson, Graduate student, Master Policy & Public Administration; Sarah Ball, Freshman, Architecture; Autumn Bruce, Freshman, Marketing

Thanks to the more than 50 students, undergrads and graduates/professional are involved in the policy challenge.  Learn more about each of the teams and their issues by checking out our UPDATES on the CHALLENGE Also plan to attend the Semi-finals on November 19 in the Toyota Auditorium!wkshop


ENGAGING Students in the Public Policy Process!

Recognizing the critical importance of active citizenship, student programs provided by the Howard H. Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy engage young people through academics, policy research, direct service experiences, and community-building opportunities.  Presently we offer something for every year of a student’s undergraduate career and we also support graduate education in the Masters of Public Policy and Administration.

The director of undergraduate academic programs is Dr. Bill Park. He mentors the Baker Scholars and Baker Center Living and Learning Community and manages the required courses. We presently offer the following credit courses in these enrichment programs:

Baker Center Living & Learning Community – Freshman Year

  •   BCPP 101 – Introduction to Public Policy
  •   BCPP 102 – Freshman Seminar

Baker Ambassadors – Sophomore-Junior-Senior Years  BCLLCsm

Baker Scholars – Junior and Senior Years

  • BCPP 317 – Baker Scholars Seminar
  • BCPP 497 – Baker Scholars Project

Baker Scholar Applications

Planning is underway for more courses as we move to develop a public policy minor. More information on the Baker Center’s course offerings can be found here in the Undergraduate Catalog.