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Robert Shelton

Robert Shelton

Robert SheltonPhone: 865.974.1686

Robert Shelton, PhD Curriculum Vitae Robert Shelton

Fellow, Energy and Environmental Policy


Energy Economics and Technology Policy

PhD, Economics, Southern Illinois University, 1970

MA, Economics, University of California, Berkeley, 1967

BA, Economics, Texas Christian University, 1964


Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, College of Arts & Sciences, University of Tennessee, Knoxville


Cell: 865-599-3065

Robert Shelton is an economist by training. He has held previous teaching, research, and administrative positions at Arizona State University, the University of Wyoming, Resources for the Future, the National Research Council/National Academy of Sciences, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He served in several capacities, including, Director of the Energy Program at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (1980-2001) and director of the Joint Institute for Energy and Environment (2002-05). In addition, he has led a number of international energy and environmental assistance projects in Bangladesh, Georgia, Guatemala, Haiti, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Romania, the Russian Federation, and Ukraine. He retired in 2006, but remains active working on issues of energy policy.


Government’s Role in Energy Technology R&D; A Proposed Model for Strategic Guidance, with Robert Perlack, ORNL/TM-13218, 1996.

Rural Electrification in Bangladesh: Management, Engineering, and Financial Assessment, with Barbara Deverick, Mark Gellerson, and John Stovall, ORNLTM-10042, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, July 1986.

“The Application of Smokeless Briquettes in Developing Countries: The Case of Haiti and Pakistan” with A. Sabadell, G. Stevenson, and T. Wilson in Coal Development Potential in Pakistan, Proceedings of the First National Coal Conference, Karachi, Pakistan, February 1986.