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Michael Price

Michael K. Price, PhD Curriculum Vitae Michael Price

Fellow, Energy and Environmental Policy


Behavioral Economics, Environmental Economics, Experimental Economics,Industrial Organization, Public Economics

 PhD Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of    Maryland, 2005

MS, Applied Economics, Rutgers University, 1998

BA, Economics and Japanese Studies, Bucknell University, 1995


Assistant Profession, Economics, University of Tennessee

Contact Information:

T: 865.974.5672      
F: 865.974.4601


Michael Price, an assistant professor in the Department of Economics and noted researcher in behavioral economics. In 2010, a paper he co-authored on why people initially give to charities, was published in the American Economics Review.  This study also examined why people remain committed to a cause and why they lose interest. The paper was noteworthy in its use of “field experiments” to examine charitable giving. Field experiments, which make use of data in the randomized environment of the “real world” rather than the somewhat artificial world of the laboratory, are relatively new to economics research, and Price has emerged as a leading scholar in this area.  Price is the author of numerous other publications.  He was appointed to the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), as a Faculty Research Fellow in the Environmental and Energy Economics program.


 Selected Working Papers and Publications:

“The Effect of Advice on Asset Pricing: Evidence from Lab Experiments,” with Jonathan Alevy.

 ”Using Non-Pecuniary Strategies to Influence Behavior: Evidence from a Large-Scale Field Experiment,” with Paul J. Ferraro.

“Is a Donor in Hand Better than Two in the Bush? Evidence from a Natural Field Experiment,” with Craig E. Landry, Andreas Lange, John A. List, and Nicholas G. Rupp, American Economic Review 100, June 2010, 958-983. 

“Auctions with resale when private values are uncertain: Evidence from the lab field,” with Andreas Lange and John A. List, International Journal of Industrial Organization XXX, 2010, XXX-XXX. 

“The role of social connections in charitable fundraising: Evidence from a natural field experiment,” with John A. ListJournal of Economic Behavior & Organization 69, 2009, 160-169. 

“Fund-raising success and a solicitor’s beauty capital: Do blondes raise more funds?” Economics Letters 100, 2008, 351-354. 

“Using the Spatial Distribution of Bidders to Detect Collusion in the Marketplace: Evidence from Timber Auctions,” Journal of Regional Science 48, 2008, 399-417. 

“Using Lotteries to Finance Public Goods: Theory and Experimental Evidence,” with Andreas Lange and John A. List, International Economic Review 48, August 2007, 901-927.