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Bruno Wichmann

Bruno Wichmann, Ph.D


Environmental Economics, Industrial Organization, Social and Economic Networks

Ph.D, Economics, University of Tennessee, 2012

M.A., Economics University of Tennessee, 2010

M.Sc., Economics, Federal University of Ceara, Brazil, 2006

B.Sc, Economics Federal University of Ceara, Brazil, 2002

 Contact Information:

Bruno Wichmann is a graduate assistant with research interest in environmental economics, industrial organization, and social and economic networks. Currently, he is working on several research papers including “Social Networks and Non-market Valuations” with William Neilson and “Efficiency of Health Care Delivery Systems: Effects of Health Insurance Coverage.” During spring 2010 and fall 2011, Bruno served as an instructor for an undergraduate course titled, “The Global Economy: Trade and Development”, and he taught at the Federal University of Ceara, Brazil in 2007. He received the 2011 Graduate Student Award from the Southern Economic Association, the Best Graduate Student Research Project from the Department of Economics at the University of Tennessee, and many other awards. Bruno speaks English, Portuguese, and Spanish. He is a member of the American Economic Association, the National Tax Association, the Economic Science Association, and the Southern Economic Association.


Selected Conferences and Presentations:  

“Too Many Cops? Welfare Effects of Police Precinct Efficiency” Southern Economic Association Meetings, Washington D.C.. 2011

“Social Networks and Non-market Valuations” Heartland Environmental and Resource Economics Workshop, Urbana-Champaign, IL. 2011

“Toward an Understanding of the Demand for Social Preferences: Evidence from a Modified Bargaining Experiment.” 2011

2011 International Economic Science Association Conference, Chicago, IL. 2012

“Efficiency of Health Care Delivery Systems: Effects of Health Insurance Coverage”. National Tax Association 103rd Annual Conference on Taxation, Chicago, IL. Poster Session. 2010



 Energy, Bio Fuels and Development: Comparing Brazil and the Unted States.

(Routledge Studies in Development Economics) edited by Edmund Amann, Werner Baer, and Don Coes. Chapter 21. “The Viability of the biodiesel program as an instrument of social inclusion” with Marcos Holanda and Paulo Pontes. 2011