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Christian Vossler

Christian Vossler, Ph.D. Christian Vossler Curriculum Vitae

Fellow, Energy & Environmental Policy Program



Environmental Economics, Public Economics, Applied Econometrics, and Experimental Economics


PhD, Applied Economics, Cornell University 2003

MS, Environmental & Resource Economics, Oregon State University, 1999

BS, Environmental & Resource Sciences, University of Nevada, 1997


Contact Information:

T: 865-974-4601


Dr. Christian Vossler is an associate professor of economics at the University of Tennessee,   an associate editor of the journal Environmental & Resource Economics, and the director of UT’s Experimental Economics Laboratory. He is an applied microeconomist and applied econometrician who focuses on environmental and public economics issues. Much of his research involves the design of mechanisms to reveal private information related to the environment (e.g. preferences, pollution generation), and associated tests of these mechanisms through experiments, surveys, and the analysis of existing data. . His recent research on the environment examines the incentives underlying survey-based methods for estimating the benefits of environmental policies, the design of cost-effective audit mechanisms to motivate firms to comply with environmental regulations, and the design of incentive-based regulations for achieving water pollution standards. Other research areas include income tax compliance, public goods allocation mechanisms, and electric power markets.

Selected Publications:

Vossler, Christian A., Maurice Doyon and Daniel Rondeau. (2012). “Truth in Consequentiality: Theory and Field Evidence on Discrete Choice Experiments.” American Economic Journal: Microeconomics.

Gilpatric, Scott, Christian A. Vossler and Michael McKee. (2011). “Regulatory Enforcement with Competitive Endogenous Audit Mechanisms.” The RAND Journal of Economics 42(2): 292-312.

Messer, Kent D., Gregory L. Poe, Daniel Rondeau, William D. Schulze and Christian A. Vossler. (2010). “Social Preferences and Voting: An Exploration Using a New Preference Revealing Mechanism.” Journal of Public Economics 98(3-4): 308-317.

Suter, Jordan F., Kathleen Segerson, Christian A. Vossler and Gregory L. Poe. (2010). “Voluntary-Threat Approaches to Reduce Ambient Water Pollution.” American Journal of  Agricultural Economics 92(4): 1195-1213.

Ferraro, Paul J. and Christian A. Vossler. (2010). “The Source and Structure of Confusion in Public Goods Experiments.” BE Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy 10 (Issue 1, Article 53): 42 pgs.

Vossler, Christian A. and Mary F. Evans. (2009). “Bridging the Gap between the Field and the Lab: Environmental Goods, Policy Maker Input, and Consequentiality.” Journal of  Environmental Economics and Management, 58(3): 338-345.


Selected Presentations: 

2012: Appalachian State University Environmental and Resource Economics Workshop, Cornell University, European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists  University of Georgia, University of Tennessee


2011: Environmental Protection Agency, European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists


2010: Fourth World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists, Southern Economic Association


2009: European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, Southern Economic Association, University of Alabama, Environmental Journalism Conference