Distinguished Lectures

Distinguished Energy & Environmental Lecture

This annual lecture features distinguished speakers in the field. Past speakers have included former Secretary of  Energy and Gov., Christie Todd Whitman and former Sec. of Energy and Gov., Bill Richardson

Distinguished Global Security Lecture

This annual lecture will feature distinguished speakers on some aspect of global security from nuclear safety and non-proliferation to terrorism and conflict. Dr. Charles McMillan, Director of the Los Alamos National Laboratory, will speak on Oct. 1, 5:30 pm.

The Timeline of Technology is the title for this talk  which will describe the power behind policy-making that is informed by technology. Dr. McMillan will provide a tool-set to future policy-makers that establishes the timing of accessible and useful technology, and the awareness and relationships the policy-maker requires for impactful and lasting influence on public service goals.  Highlighted examples show how innovations of the previous century are used in the current century to solve national and global security, energy, and environmental issues. Are we prepared for the policy needed in the 22nd century with our scientific and technical expertise of the 21st century? Los Alamos National Laboratory does its part to deliver on commitments today to ensure policy-makers have the needed capabilities for an ever developing future – will you be ready?