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New Report on “Economic Impacts on Tennessee Arising from Construction of the Uranium Processing Facility”

A report on the Economic Impacts on Tennessee Arising from Construction of the Uranium Processing Facility, conducted by Dr. Matt Murray and Becky Davis for Consolidated Nuclear Security, LLC, is available here:  Report.CNS

The new UPF will allow processing to continue with improved efficiency and safeguards. Moreover, completion of the facility will mean sustained economic impacts associated with ongoing operations.

The construction of the new Uranium Processing Facility (UPF) in Anderson County, Tennessee, by Consolidated Nuclear Security, LLC, will impart significant benefits on both the local and state economies. While the impacts will be concentrated near the construction site and the Knoxville metropolitan area, service and material acquisition, along with payroll spending, will create ripples that spread across Tennessee and into other states. The construction process is expected to extend out to
2024 with the facility becoming fully operational in 2025.  Construction of the new facility will lead to a significant increase in state output (state gross domestic product or GDP), personal income, sales and use tax revenue, and employment for the
duration of the project. Expenditures incurred to support construction labor, as well as subcontractor and materials and equipment acquisitions, will lead to ripple effects across the state economy.

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