Baker Ambassadors Program

The Baker Ambassadors Program provides students an opportunity to help create, plan, and manage special events in connection with the Howard H. Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy. Baker Ambassadors must commit to the principles of civility and integrity following the legacy of Senator Baker, and be dedicated to the spirit of public service. Students in this program are able to participate in exclusive mentorship and professionalization events with prominent individuals from the University of Tennessee, the State of Tennessee, as well as nationally and internationally prominent leaders.

The Baker Ambassadors role is action-oriented. Students are given hands-on opportunities in the areas that interest them most. Whether through organizing a nationally-televised US Senate debate, meeting current and former US Ambassadors, or registering people to vote, Baker Ambassadors gain invaluable experience and connections, while providing an important public service.

At the end of the year, official members are recognized for their contributions by the Center's director and other members of the Center's team in a special ceremony.

To be an official Baker Ambassador, each semester students must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Attend at least six meetings.
  • If you cannot attend meetings, you are expected to volunteer in the Baker Center office one hour for each meeting you cannot attend OR take a BCCP designated course.
  • Volunteer for at least one Baker Center event.
  • Volunteer for at least one voting project event organized by the logistics committee.
  • Attend at least one special session with a guest.
  • Be a currently enrolled student in good standing at the University.
  • Commit and adhere to an integrity pledge.


Meetings are held every other Wednesday evening from 5:00 to 6:00 pm in room 207/208 at the Center. Check the calendar for exact dates.


Apply here to be a Baker Ambassador.