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John Nolt

Fellow, Energy and Environmental Policy Program; Professor and Interim Co-Head, Department of Philosophy

PhD, Ohio State University, 1978


John Nolt joined the Philosophy Department at UT in 1978 after completing a dissertation at Ohio State University in the philosophy of mathematics. He is now Professor Co-head of the department.  He was president of the Faculty Senate in 2008-9 and of the statewide Tennessee University Faculty Senates in 2009-10. He now chairs the Committee on the Campus Environment, which advises the campus administration on environmental matters, and on which he has served for over a decade.


  • Environmental ethics

  • Intergenerational ethics

  • Climate Ethics

  • Philosophical Logic

  • Formal Value Theory



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A Land Imperiled: The Declining Health of the Southern Appalachian Bioregion, (editor) University of Tennessee Press, 2005.

Articles and Chapters

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Contact Information

Department of Philosophy
801 McClung Tower
Knoxville, TN 37996-0480
(865) 974-7218

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