Scott Holladay


Curriculum Vitae

Fellow, Energy and Environmental Policy Program

PhD, Economics, University of Colorado, Boulder, 2009

J. Scott Holladay comes to UT after completing a two-year post-doctoral fellowship at New York University. His primary research interests include evaluating the ancillary impacts of government regulation. He is also studying the relationship between energy and the environment focusing on the electricity sector. Scott has received research grants from institutions such as the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation for Entrepreneurship and the McGuire Center for International Studies. He has also taught courses in environmental economics, natural resource economics, managerial economics and econometrics.  Scott is currently working on projects concerning the impact of natural gas fracking on the energy market and the environment.

Research Interests

International Trade and Environmental Economics

Selected Publications

“Does Winning the Olympics Pay Off?” with Stephen B. Billings. Economic Inquiry. 50(3):754-772, July 2012.

“To Tell the Truth: International Climate Change Treaty Holdouts” with Michael Livermore. Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis, 4(2):131-157, August 2013.

“The Perverse Impacts of Calling for Energy Conservation” with Marianne Wanamaker and Michael Price.

November 2013. Under Review

“Are Exporters Mother Nature’s Best Friends?” November 2013. Under Review

“The Environmental Impact of Fuel Switching Power Plants” with Steven Soloway. December 2013. Under Review.

“Abate or Abscond? Polluting Plants’ Response to Environmental Regulation” October 2010.

Contact Information

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