US Leadership in a Post 9/11 World – Policy Brief 1:14

Bush-Obama BRIEF. 2014 Final In his latest policy brief, Professor Brandon Prins and PhD candidate Allan Wilford explore how foreign policy has changed and developed under the Obama administration. The brief compares and contrasts the policies that are currently in place with those that were implemented under the Bush administration. While Obama is ideologically different [...]

The New Barbary Wars – Policy Brief

Dr. Brandon Prins and his co-authors assess the threat of modern day piracy in this policy brief.  The authors note that the “…collapse of the global security umbrellas characteristic of Cold War power dynamics has meant that maritime security around small, weak states virtually does not exist. The Howard H. Baker Jr. Center for Public [...]

Baker Fellow, Mary English, addresses the issue of selling TVA.

On April 10, 2013, President Barack Obama released his proposed FY 2014 budget. In the budget’s chapter on “Creating a 21st Century Government,” under the heading “Reform TVA,” there is a one paragraph discussion of the Tennessee Valley Authority. This paper, by Mary English, looks at possible scenarios surrounding the topic of selling TVA. Policy [...]

Addressing issues concerning energy and the environment: A short course on energy policy analysis

By David J. Bjornstad and Alexandra Brewer Executive Summary With the presidential election decided, a renewed debate on energy and environmental issues will begin.  This Policy Brief can serve as a primer for assessing these issues. The Brief is divided into a short introduction and three topical sections.  The first section provides a short overview of the inputs [...]