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Brandon Prins

Fellow, Global Security

Professor, Department of Political Science

PhD, Political Science, Michigan State University

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Prins specializes in international conflict processes. His expertise is in the causes of political violence, including the armed conflict among nation-states, terrorism, maritime piracy, and U.S foreign policy in examines global security issues from a social science perspective. He is completing a four-year grant from the Office of Naval Research examining the conditions associated with modern maritime piracy. He also writes extensively on the threat from non-state groups as well as the importance of territory for understating interstate violence. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on arms control and nuclear proliferation, military strategy and war, and security studies. He also has worked with the State Department to implement a research course focused on radicalization.

Research Interests

Political violence, war and militarized conflict, terrorism, maritime piracy, insurgency, territorial conflict, U.S. foreign policy

Selected Publications

(2016) “The Homegrown Threat: State Weakness, Grievance, and Domestic Terrorism.” With Sam Ghatak. Forthcoming in International Interactions.

(2015) Enforcing Order: Territorial Reach and Maritime Piracy.” With Ursula Daxecker. Forthcoming in Conflict Management and Peace Science.

(2015) “Searching for Sanctuary: Government Power and the Location of Piracy.” With Ursula Daxecker.  International Interactions 41(4): 699-717.

(2015) “The New Barbary Wars: Forecasting Maritime Piracy.” With Ursula Daxecker. Foreign Policy Analysis 11(1): 23-44.

(2015) “The Sources of Presidential Foreign Policy Decision-Making: Executive Experience and Militarized Conflict Onset.” With Costel Calin. International Journal of Peace Studies 20(2): .

(2014) “U.S Leadership in a Post 9/11 World: Comparing World Views and Foreign Policy Decisions of George W. Bush and Barak Obama.” With Allan Wilford. Howard H. Baker Center, Jr. Center for Public Policy, Policy Brief 1:14.

(2014)  “Terror on the Seas: Assessing the Threat of Modern Day Piracy.” With Ursula Daxecker and Amanda Sanford. SAIS Review, 2014. Online at

(2013) “Political Stability and the Incidence of Piracy.” With Ursula Daxecker. Journal of Conflict Resolution, 57(6): 940-965.

(2011) “Power or Posturing? Congressional Influence on U.S. Presidential Decisions to Use Force.” With Bryan Marshall.  Presidential Studies Quarterly 41(3): 521-545.

(2010) “How Democracies Keep the Peace: Contextual Factors that Influence Conflict Management Strategies.” With Glynn Ellis and Sara McLaughlin Mitchell.  Foreign Policy Analysis 6: 373-398.

(2010) “Territory, River, and Maritime Claims in the Western Hemisphere: Regime Type, Rivalry, and MIDS from 1901-2000.” With David Lektzian and Mark Souva.  International Studies Quarterly 54(4): 1073-1098.

(2010) “Opportunities and Presidential Uses of Force: A Selection Model of Crisis Decision-Making.” With David Brule and Bryan W. Marshall. Conflict Management and Peace Science 27(5): 1-25.

(2010) “Interventions and Uses of Force Short of War.” In The International Studies Encyclopedia, Volume VII, edited by Robert A. Denemark. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell.

Contact Information

Brandon Prins
Personal web page
Dept. of Political Science
Office 340 Baker Center
Knoxville, TN 37996-0410

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