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Join us for the next Baker Center Energy and Environmental Forum, which will take place on Thursday, April 11 at 3.30 pm in Min Kao 404 (not Toyota Auditorium in Baker Center due to scheduling conflict).

Paulina Oliva, Assistant Professor of Economics at University of California, Santa Barbara will give a 45 minute presentation and then lead a discussion with participants. Her talk is titled:

Does the Effect of Pollution on Infant Mortality Differ Between Developing and Developed Countries?  Evidence from Mexico City

Abstract: Much of what we know about the marginal effect of pollution on infant mortality is derived from developed country data. However, given the lower levels of air pollution in developed countries, these estimates may not be externally valid to the developing country context if there is a nonlinear dose relationship between pollution and mortality or if the costs of avoidance behavior differs considerably between the two contexts. In this paper, we estimate the relationship between pollution and infant mortality using data from Mexico. We find that an increase of 1 parts per billion in carbon monoxide (CO) over the last week results in 0.0032 deaths per 100,000 births, while a 1 µg/m3 increase in particulate matter (PM10) results in 0.24 infant deaths per 100,000 births. Our estimates for PM10 tend to be similar (or even smaller) than the U.S. estimates, while our findings on CO tend to be larger than those derived from the U.S. context. We provide suggestive evidence that a non-linearity in the relationship between CO and health explains this difference.

Paulina Olivia is Assistant Professor of Economics at University of California, Santa Barbara.  Her research focuses on the effects of pollution and policies for pollution mitigation in the developing world.  She has served as a referee on NSF panels, won multiple grants and presented extensively throughout North America, Latin America and Europe.  She is a faculty affiliate of the Center for Effective Global Action at UC Berkeley and a faculty research fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research.  Professor Oliva earned her PhD from University of California, Berkeley.

NOTE: Forum will be help in Min Kao, the recently constructed Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Building on the Northeast corner of campus. 

The Baker Center Energy and Environmental Forum is an opportunity for academics to share their research findings to a broad set of academics, researchers, and students from outside their own discipline but who have a common interest in environmental and energy issues. It  is sponsored by TNSCORE. For more information about the Baker Center Interdisciplinary Group on Energy and Environmental Policy visit the forum’s website:

Please join us for what promises to be a very interesting discussion and presentation.

Paul Armsworth, College of Arts and Sciences

Jacob LaRiviere, College of Business Administration

Becky Jacobs, College of Law

Chris Clark, College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

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