Facilities and Reservations

Important Facility Reservation Information

The facility is only available for University of Tennessee sponsored events and a rental fee does apply. Space cannot be reserved more than 60 days in advance, with the exception of semester-long credited courses. Facility reservations at the Baker Center are open only to faculty and staff of the University of Tennessee. The building is open 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Public parking for visitors to the Center is available at the Vol Hall Garage on White Avenue for a small fee. If you are University group, please use the Ad Astra system to request space at the Center. Requests cannot be accpeted by phone.

If you have specific questions regarding the facilities or making a space reservation, please contact Elziabeth Woody, Events Coordinator, at ewoody2@utk.edu.

Spaces Available for Reservation

Toyota Auditorium

Located on the first floor, the Toyota Auditorium seats around 100 people at round tables of 7, and has room for additional chairs along the sides and back of the room. A stage with table and podium to the side are the standard arrangement for this room. Theatre style (on the right) is another option for larger groups (approx. 170).


The Center's rotunda is an elegant, open space featuring marble floors and sound system, soaring three stories. This area is perfect for receptions, book signings or other special events. Limited seating and two long rectangular tables are available.

Classrooms 204 & 205

Located on the second floor and set up with long tables and chairs. Each class seats up to 30. Rooms 204 & 205 can be combined to create one larger room that will hold up to 60 people. Each room has a projector and screens as well as AV capabilities. Typically these rooms are used for University classes during the semester and not available for reservation.

Meeting Rooms 202, 207, & 208

Located on the second floor and set up with tables and chairs. These rooms can hold between 10 and 15 people. Rooms 207 & 208 can be combined to create one larger room that will seat as many as 25. These rooms have no projection equipment.

Please find the floor plans and seating capacity for the Toyota Auditorium and Second Floor Classrooms available for reservation using these links.

Policies for Reservations

The Center has first priority on its space and does not provide any additional services other than the researvation of space and existing technology. Access to the Center's parking lot is not included in any reservation. Our policies, priorities for use and responsibilities of the user follow below.

General Information

The Center is only open to University groups or those sponsored by or affiliated with a University of Tennessee department. Use of the Center's space has been prioritized as follows:

  • Events sponsored by the Center or its partners.
  • Classroom instruction and support of instruction in the areas related to the Center, such as public policy, energy and environment, leadership and governance, and global security.
  • Requests by other academic units.
  • Requests by student groups and other campus organizations.

Use by groups not sponsored or affiliated with the University of Tennessee is not allowed. Political campaign and fundraising events, weddings, birthday parties, etc., are also not allowed. Except in unusual circumstances, events confirmed by the Center will not be moved or cancelled for higher priority events.

Requests for space are ONLY considered 60 days in advance of your event. We cannot hold multiple dates for a single meeting or event. Make sure the date is firm before requesting space. Reservations made by UT faculty or staff require that a faculty or staff member be present and responsible for the room.

All groups are responsible for set-up and breakdown, cleaning up and removal of any materials or trash. The room must be returned to the way it was found, immediately following the event.

Please note that nothing is to be attached or affixed in any way, even temporarily, to any wall, fixture, or feature of the Center in any room. This includes the use of adhesive sheets, any type of tape, sticky tack, command strips, push-pins, etc. as these products damage the walls. Any damage resulting from a violation of this policy will be the responsiblity of the reserving group. Beyond normal wear and tear, any damage to the Center's facilities resulting from an event is the responsiblity of the reserving group.

Requested Information

  • Requesting unit with appropriate administrative contacts and UT account number(s)
  • Description of the meeting or event
  • General space needs or specific room request
  • Days and hours of event (including setup and take down) – NO Building ACCESS before 8 am
  • AV requirements (Please note that training in the use of Center's equipment is required before event. No Center staff will be available to run the equipment for the event.)
  • Estimated Attedance
  • Name of the program
  • Food or beverage plans (Caterer must be approved, if other than Aramark)
  • If the event occurs Friday evening through Sunday evening, arrangements for security and cleanup (UT Facilities services) must be made directly by the reserving group.

Facilities Access

Exterior doors will unlock 30 minutes before the event and lock 30 minutes following the event, unless otherwise requested. Meeting space on the first and second floors will be available if the building is unclocked.


There is no parking available at the Center. There are pay lots nearby on 17th street and public parking for UT visitors is available at the Vol Hall garage on White Avenue. Contact UT Parking at (865) 974-6031 with questions. There are two handicapped parking spaces on the east side of the building, Catering trucks may unload and guests may be dropped off here as well.


Please notify the Center as soon as you are aware that your event is cancelled so that space may be available for other events.


Reserving groups agree to pay all applicable charges for use of Center facilities and services. Payment of invoices is due within thirty (30) days upon receipt of the invoice. Invoices paid after thirty days will be subject to a late payment charge up to the maximum amount permitted by law.

Exhibitors, Sale of Materials, Fundraising

Exhibitors who are a part of an educational program are subject to approval by the University administrative unit sponsoring or hosting the program and by Baker Center management. The Center retains the right to enforce guidelines regarding factors such as exhibit size, set-up and function. Arrangements should be made with the Center prior to set-up. Materials (such as audiotapes, proceedings, or books) that are related to the program being conducted may be sold at the Baker Center. The sale of materials and items not related to the program or organization is not permitted. Activities may not be conducted at the Center for personal financial gain.

Liability and Damage

The Center cannot assume responsibility for personal property and equipment. Liability for damages to the premises will be charged accordingly.


Smoking is prohibited in all areas within the building.

Videoconferencing, Video Recording, Webcasting, Audio Recording

Conferencing, recording (audio and video), and webcasting services are available through UT’s OIT services. Arrangements for these services should be made by contacting OIT directly.


Please make arrangements directly UT Police.

Decorations, Entertainment, Display of Materials

Questionable posters/photographs; the taping of banners or posters to any walls in the building; confetti; candles are prohibited. Floral arrangements are allowable, but must be removed upon the completion of the event. Live music is permissible; however, you will be held responsible for use of the sound equipment within building and are expected to follow guidelines for such usage. Decorations/signage may not be affixed to the walls, hung from the ceilings, or attached to Center surfaces by tape, glue or any other adhesive, or pushpins on fabric walls.


Support equipment and materials may be delivered to the Center (1640 Cumberland Ave) with advance notice to the Center. However, the Center will not be liable for any equipment or materials left in the building.

Suggested Reminders for Participants

We suggest that your program announcements or confirmation materials include information about parking, food service, and Center facilities (including that the building is smoke-free) so that your participants will know what to expect when they arrive at the Center. It is also suggested that you inform your participants that University energy policy may result in room temperatures variation. It is recommended that participants dress in layers and bring a sweater/jacket.

Disability Accommodations

The University of Tennessee strives to provide accessible facilities to meeting attendees. Advance notice of individuals with a disability is the best way to ensure specific needs are accommodated and UT Disability Services can assist you with this. Your group agrees that it shall comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act regarding your activities related to your event. You will be responsible for providing any and all auxiliary aids and services to allow your attendees to have full and equal access to your event.

Adverse Weather

In the event of adverse weather conditions, if the University of Tennessee is closed due to adverse weather, the Center will be closed as well. If the University remains open but conditions warrant, the Center may delay opening, close early or close operations entirely.