2014 Baker Scholar Reports Posted Online

On May 8, 2014, we recognized the following Baker Scholars.  All completed their research and you can read the reports here:

Abigail McKamey Final Report  Tennessee Education Reform:  Understanding Policy Implementations in Tennessee’s Rural and Urban School Districts and Future Steps for Positive Change

Chase Pritchett Final Report  Profiling a Polarizing Congressional District:  An Econometric Approach

Justin Hickerson Final Report  Judicial Influence and the United States Federal District  Courts:  A Case Study

Kelsey Parkman Final Report  The Evolution of Local Food System Policy

Lisa Dicker Final Report  4 Grandparents, 2 Parents, 1 Daughter:  The One Child Policy’s Restructuring of Chinese Families and its Positive Impact on Gender Equality

Taylor Odle Final Report  The Pell Grant:  Foundations, Current Model, and Future Public Policy Implications

To be posted —  Zachariah Hethmon:  Slum Clearance and Urban Renewals Effects on the Dispersion of Household Incomes